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Digital Programme

The Growing Mid Wales Digital Programme aims to capitalise on the economic opportunities that can be unlocked by investing in digital infrastructure in order to address deficits in digital connectivity, drive the uptake of new technologies amongst the region's businesses and to improve the services that already exist.

Tablet with various programmes running on screen to represent digital technology

This will be achieved through accelerating the provision of digital infrastructure across Mid Wales through a diverse range of fixed and wireless infrastructure deployments, complemented with innovative platforms, business support and policy reforms that directly provide or facilitate greater investment, stimulate demand, and accelerate digital build and exploitation across the Mid Wales region.

The Programme will consider and progress projects that complement and provide additionality to those initiatives already in place or planned through UK and Welsh Governments and not duplicate commercial investment and deployments across the region, in order to maximise return on investment.

For this reason, the Programme has identified a long list of possible opportunities and interventions to be further considered and developed, recognising that the programme and potential projects will need to be highly adaptable in order to effectively respond to the ever-changing environment in which the Programme operates (with consumer and market behaviour, Government plans, and existing and planned initiatives continuing to evolve).

A Digital Programme Board has already been established to oversee development and delivery of the Programme, and dedicated Growth Deal resources are in place to drive this forward.

At this current time, the Programme is focused upon bringing about improved broadband provision to those that are considered 'Hard to Reach', where there is no commercial or public intervention planned in the near future and how sufficient connectivity to these properties can be provided. As well as this, the Programme Board is also giving consideration to improved mobile signal and identifying communities that will require further intervention following the completion of the UK Government's Shared Rural Network programme (which will see coverage across Mid Wales improve to 97% from at least one operator and 78% from all four operators compared to the current levels of 86% and 51% respectively). The Digital Programme was the focus of our January newsletter. You can view this and previous editions on our News and Events page.

We are always looking for businesses and potential investors to work with us to help achieve the Programme's full potential. If you are interested in talking more on investment opportunities or would like to get involved in some capacity, please contact us:

Growth Deal:

For all other economic and regeneration enquiries: In Ceredigion, contact Clic on 01545 570 881/ In Powys, contact 01597 827 657/

Tablet with various programmes running on screen to represent digital technology

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