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Minutes of the Mid Wales Joint Committee and Growing Mid Wales Partnership meetings

The Mid Wales Joint Committee is a Joint Committee consisting of members from the two Local Authorities of Powys and Ceredigion. It has been established for the purpose of developing the Mid Wales Growth Deal. It is the ultimate decision-making body for the Mid Wales Growth Deal, and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the councils' obligations in respect of the Growth Deal. 

Please find below papers relating to the Mid Wales Joint Committee.

Growing Mid Wales Board

The Growing Mid Wales Partnership is a broad and inclusive regional economic partnership comprising of representatives from the public, private and third sector. The partnership seeks to represent the region's interests and priorities for improvements to our economy, and provide regional leadership on the economic vision for Mid Wales.  Terms of Reference (PDF) [278KB] 

Please find below papers relating to the Growing Mid Wales Partnership.


15.02.2021 (PDF) [182KB]

24.05.2021 (PDF) [233KB]

16.09.2021 (PDF) [172KB]

15.11.2021 (PDF) [197KB]


17.01.2020 (PDF) [146KB]

01.06.2020 (PDF) [216KB]

21.09.2020 (PDF) [237KB]

03.12.2020 (PDF) [242KB]


11.01.2019 (PDF) [228KB]

12.04.2019 (PDF) [200KB]

12.07.2019 (PDF) [142KB]

18.10.2019 (PDF) [182KB]


12.01.2018 (PDF) [268KB]

13.04.2018 (PDF) [380KB]

13.07.2018 (PDF) [290KB]

16.10.2018 (PDF) [271KB]


06.01.2017 (PDF) [317KB]

24.03.2017 (PDF) [254KB]

28.07.2017 (PDF) [322KB]

03.11.2017 (PDF) [264KB]


08.01.2016 (PDF) [587KB]

26.04.2016 (PDF) [308KB]

29.07.2016 (PDF) [265KB]

06.10.2016 (PDF) [818KB]


30-03-2015 (PDF) [326KB]

24-06-2015 (PDF) [354KB]

28-09-2015 (PDF) [195KB]

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